27th Mar 2012

The second Mrs. Campbell said we’re going to write a poetry book the class was so excited. Everyone had to come up with a name for it. We had to design a cover and illustrate it. We wrote poems called Joy, I can be ABC, Autumn and other poems.
– Charlie

It was good writing the poetry book. We wrote loads of poems. It’s a good idea to do write-a-book. It was a bit hard to think of things to put in the poems. We all got good ideas for the poetry book.
– Niamh

It was kind of easy and hard but we got it finished on time.
– Naomi

There are lots of different types of poems like Fruity poems, Concrete poems and Seasons poems. Poems don’t have to rhyme.
– Aidan

Last year our class did the write-a-book. We’re doing the write-a-book again this but this year we’re doing poetry books. We hope you like our poems.
– Carla

Our class put our poems together into our own poetry book. We got all the poems that we had written and compiled them into a poetry book.
– Darren