18th Oct 2012

The children in Ms Morgan’s 5th class were asked to write a piece about wet days in school. They were given a choice of writing a piece of fiction , about a real event, an opinion piece or a poem. Sam Doyle wrote a fictional piece(we hope it’s fictional !) and we thought it was very good…… see what you think.

It was a dark, dull, depressing day in the school of Southwold town. Once again, the sky had sprung a terrible leak. Out of this leak, rain from the heavens above was endlessly and torrentially crashing down onto the heads of dark, dull, depressed people.

So , here I was, slouching on my mahogany wood desk chair, wishing I was slouching on my ash wood, living-room armchair. I could hear the cold rain pelting down on the window behind me. It reminded me of the sound that Bran Flakes make when they fall into a ceramic breakfast bowl. Come to think of it, I was famished ! Actually, it was worse than that; I was suffering from extreme starvation. You see, here in Southwold town school, all we get to eat is some butter biscuits that the older boys sometimes sneak into school by hiding them in their school bags. (Although they seldom give anything like that to me).

Presently, I was still slouching in my mahogany desk chair. Just when I was thinking about whether or not a table leg had any nutritional value, something strange occurred…..

…….Hopefully nothing sinister has happened to Sam… but you’ll have to wait to find out…..keep checking out the website…. if you dare !

2 comments on “Wet Day in School

  1. jessica on said:

    WOW, Sam awesome story, it must of took you ages i mean ages to write well it didn’t take you long because i was in the same class ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. what i mean is cool story!