12th Apr 2011

This coming Friday afternoon (15th April) 3rd class will be running a fundraising event to help raise money for the ‘Wells for Zoe’ charity. This is an Irish charity that was founded to help build wells for some of the world’s neediest people in Malawi. They have since branched out into farming and education and they provide a vital service to the people of this impoverished nation. They have no office or paid staff and all volunteers raise their own funds to fly over, so all the money raised goes directly to the people that need it most.

On Friday next we will be hosting a cinema afternoon, where each class will put on a DVD on the large screen Interactive Whiteboards. Each child will also get some popcorn to complete the experience! We are asking each child to bring in €3 or whatever you can afford to donate to this very worthy cause.

One comment on “‘Wells for Zoe’ fundraising effort

  1. Thanks guys from Mzuzu
    Have a great day tomorrow and enjoy the.
    Whatever you manage to raise, will go a very long way and remember that out here every one Euro gives another poor remote villager clean, pure drinking water.
    We had a visit from the Irish Ambassador to Malawi , Liam McGabhann, to the farm taday and he says he was very impressed. We get no funding from Irish Aid, but his visit was greatly appreciated and he really is doing a great job here.