27th Sep 2014

Yesterday on the 24/9/2014 Ms Reilly’s class went to the Jeanie Johnson. We went at 09:30 am on the Dublin bus, we got to the Merrion Square and walked a bit until we got to the boat. Our tour guides name was Paul. He was very kind and great fun. We saw all the wax dolls, they were made to look like the passengers and the crew. There was a baby on the ship who was born on the first week and was named after the crew his first name was Nicholas and his last was Ryal which means O’ Reilly! The captain’s name was James Attridge he was the captain since he was 23, he died at 80 back then it was a lucky age to die at because lots of people died at a much younger age! We learned that the population dropped by four million! We had lots of fun on the Jeanie Johnson. After we went to Trinity College and had our lunch, an American man took a picture of us, and then we went to get the bus. On the bus we talked about the tour and had great bus banter!

By Hannah O’ Reilly 5th class