On Wednesday March 9th 2011 the Third Age Foundation from Summerhill in Co. Meath came to visit Scoil Mhuire. We were both honoured and delighted to have these wonderful people visit our school and talk to us all about life in times past. What made this visit unique was the wonderful collection of artefacts that the Third Age group put on display and indeed demonstrated and explained to all the children. All of our classes from 3rd through to 6th visited the exhibition of artefacts in the school hall. It was a most enriching experience for all. The following poems were composed by some fourth class pupils from Ms Bennett’s and Ms Ruddy’s class.   

The Old Poem

               The butter churn was cool ,

               The gas mask was cruel. 

               The paper weight was heavy ,

            The bellows were marshmallowy.

         The carriage light wasn’t that bright,

           The type-writer was quite alright!

The weighing scales weighed eggs and stuff.

Third age foundation thanks for coming,

I’m sorry you didn’t get any money!    

by Jack Fleming,

4th class      

The Chamber Pot

Chamber pot is so different

To our,s now as there was no toilet in the

House, as we have now .

As they had no car to beep the horn .

“Beep beep”, said the old lady,


 HOW DARE YOU ??????

by Carla Delmar

4th class

Old Things

Whenever  I see the gas mask,

I start to think of dead mask.

Whenever  I see horseshoes,

I start to think of monk shoes.

Whenever I see bellows,

I start to think of yellow.

Then I see the film projector,

But it’s only for the director.

Thank you for showing

us the old things.

It was nice meeting you.  

by Idanesi Momoh

The Third Age Poem

 Oh you old people were very polite,

 And you gave us all a very nice sight.

 The mincer the chamber pot

 And  the type writer too,

But most of all,

It was nice meeting you!!!

by Sophie Mulcahy

4th class

Olden  days

Old  reading  glasses ,  the  glass,

You  could  watch  the  grass.

Chamber  pot,

are  you  sure  its  not  hot?

The  gas  mask,

I  really had  to  ask.

Film  projector ,

Where’s  the  editor ?

by Liam Masterson

4th class


I loved the ……………. 


Old reading glasses

Horse shoe

Old iron

Carriage light

Film projector

Paper weight

Gas mask

Type writer                   

Butter churn

Chamber pot

Weighing scales    


Army badge

Box camera

I loved all of them and many more. I wish that they could come again and I could name some more.

by Lachlan Hill.

4th Class

Olden days

You people are so nice,

But the chamber pot is not right.

The gas mask I must ask,

The washing board is so old

Then mould.

The best thing is the telephone

That I never used before.

by Kingsley Okakpu

4th class

Third-age poem

I really like the bellows

And the gas mask worn by

War fellows.

I really love everything

And that is why,

I am singing!

by Jack Butler,

4th class


It was a great day looking at all the olden age.

It was more exciting than Neil Armstrong’s first

step on the Moon

I could have stayed there till noon.

The paper turtle or the amazing  immortal.

The type writer or a mighty writer.

A gas mask or a bus pass.

Thanks for coming and showing

Us the things you like

By showing us those

Things. We like them


by Haashim Sohail

4th Class

Old Stuff


One time in my attic ,

I saw someting old and dusty ,

I went over and cleared it off,

But there was more than one.

 I got a fright,

When I saw the sight.

So I turned around and named the old stuff like;





And I gave the old stuff to the

Third Age Foundation.

by  Erinn Desborough