27th Jun 2016
Present Class/Teacher Teacher in September Class level in Sept
Ms Burns Junior Infants
Ms M. Walshe Junior Infants
Junior Infants Ms Reilly Ms Reilly Senior Infants
Junior Infants Ms Lally Ms Lally Senior Infants
Snr Infants Ms Sheehy (originally Ms Nugent) Ms Gilmartin 1st
Senior Infants Ms Burns Ms Geary 1st
1st Ms Madigan Mr Kirwan 2nd
1st Ms Walshe Ms Cummins 2nd
2nd Ms Morgan / Ms Rafferty Ms Madigan 3rd
2nd Ms Gilmartin Ms F.Walsh / Ms Bennett 3rd
3rd Ms Jones (originally Mr Neylon) Ms Nugent 4th
3rd Ms Bennett / Ms Carroll Ms Carthy 4th
5th and 6th classes are being reconstituted. Ms Morgan / Ms Rafferty 5th
The parents and children have been told who Ms Ryan 5th
their teacher will be for September. Ms Brady 6th
Ms Dillon 6th