29th Jun 2015

We have decided to continue the summer reading initiative that we began last year. The purpose of which is to encourage students to become lifelong readers and to provide fun and engaging ways to build their independent reading skills.

  • Avoiding the “summer slide”

Children, who read during the summer gain reading skills, while those who do not often slide backward. A considerable body of research indicates that children’s reading ability declines between the end of one school year and the beginning of the next; however, this can be prevented by performing one fundamental task- reading throughout the summer.

  • Summer Reading Challenge

To this end we’re asking the children of Scoil Mhuire to read as much as they can and record the books that they read on the summer reading card that they have just received. Please don’t worry about trying to fill out the whole card, just do the best you can! When we return to school in September, we will have a ceremony highlighting and rewarding the efforts of those who engaged in the challenge. If you do not have the card. You can print it download and print it below.

  • Summer Buzz

South Dublin libraries, of which Lucan library is a member, are also running a summer reading challenge. When your child registers, (s)he will be given a Summer Buzz reading card and when you has read 10 books they will be entered into draws for fabulous prizes. There will be rewards along the way too with specially designed bookmarks, pencils, wristbands and bee stickers. If you want to join in feel free to fill out their record instead of our own and we’ll still include you in our reading ceremony in September. To find out more visit: http://www.southdublinlibraries.ie/news/2015/05/summer-buzz-2015

  • Supporting your child

We’re asking you to encourage your children to read as much as possible and to monitor their record keeping. If you’re not sure of what books they should be reading there are lots of websites that will give great recommendations.

Lucan library are also great for recommending books and they have a wonderful selection of some of the latest children’s stories. If your child experiences reading difficulties they could avail of the large selection of audio books that the library have. They also have a range of eBooks too.

For those of you who may not have been in when the cards were given out, we have it attached below for you to print.

Thank you in advance for taking part and we hope you have a great summer.

Summer Reading Chart

2 comments on “Summer Reading

  1. I have read so many books, I can’t remember them all!!!

  2. Ms Ruddy on said:

    Write down as many as you can remember:-)
    The books you can’t remember write a line or two about what it was about.