22nd Jun 2016

Standardised Test Results

You will be receiving your child’s school report this week. It contains a section which indicates how he /she performed in the Drumcondra Tests. These are standardised tests which are administered throughout the country in the areas of English Reading and Mathematics. Scores are given in two formats- percentiles and STen scores, and it is the STen score which appears on your child’s report.

What is a STen score?

These are basically your child’s scores expressed as a mark out of 10.

We are obliged to include these scores on your child’s report form but is very important that they do not become the focus of your attention when you receive the report. These scores are a measure of attainment in certain areas of the curriculum, but your child’s report is intended to give you a picture of how he/she is doing in a much more holistic way.

For example, the Drumcondra English test measures Reading Comprehension and Reading Vocabulary. It does not cover oral language, functional writing or creative writing.

Please bear this in mind when reading school reports and when discussing them with your child. We would also advise you not to compare your child’s scores with those of his/her siblings or friends.