14th Apr 2016

For our school sports this year we have decided to go with a new format. We will be holding two separate sports-one for seniors (3rd to 6th) and one for juniors (jun infants-2nd).
In recent years our numbers have grown to the extent where having all the children participate in one sports day has become very difficult to manage. We currently have 429 children enrolled in the school.
In order to maximise the level of participation and enjoyment we will be splitting the sports :

Junior Sports Day will be on Wednesday 25th of May (11am-12.30pm)
Senior Sports Day will be on Thursday 26th of May (10.30am-12.30pm)

We hope to hold the sports day in the school grounds and we will make use of our grass space, our indoor halls and our basketball courts.
Parents are most welcome, and while we appreciate that many parents have children in both the senior and junior cycle, we are making this change in the best interest of the children and we hope you will see the benefit of it at the end of May.