27th Dec 2012

After writing some individual comic strips that were displayed in class and on the website, Mr. Roche’s 6th class broke into pairs and wrote some comic strips together. These comic strips were written over 12 panels or more so they’ll appear on the website in two parts or more, one underneath the other. This finishes our work with comics but please come into the class to see more of our comics hanging up and bound together in books.

Jack F & Lachlan’s “Ring Ring”

Jack B & Brent’s “Santa Man”

Dylan & Rían’s “Best Friends Forever”

Carla & Liam’s “Santa”

Zofia & Jonathan’s “The Robbery”

Danesi & Aoife’s “The Bully Police”

Brent & Jack B’s “Santa Man”

Colin & Alex K’s “Smart-Ass Jim”

Eoin & Haashim’s “Dumb & Smart Guys”

Alex Z & Ishaan’s “The Family”

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  1. where is the scoil mhuire news?