Mount Lucas Wind Farm

On the 2nd of May 2017 6th class went on a trip to Mount Lucas Wind Farm. We went on a bus down to Offaly for the tour. On the ride down we saw a truck coming from the Wind Farm on fire, luckily the driver was not harmed and the fire brigade were able to put the fire out. When we reached the Wind Farm our tour guides name was Catherine and she gave us a talk about how wind turbines are made and the process of constructing them. Then we were brought to T22 [Turbine 22] to stand under it and see how big it was from our perspective. Catherine took pictures of us standing beside the turbine. When we came back in we were given virtual reality goggles to see what its like to be standing inside and at the top of the wind turbine. Then we went back on the bus and drove back to the school.

An all around good day!!!!

By Daniel Kane & Charlie Byrne