In school, our 5th class, organised a Presidential Election for the children from 3rd to 6th Class. It was done the same way as the real election will be done. We did the counting of votes the same as well. I really enjoyed counting the votes. In the end it came down to Sean Gallagher and Michael D. Higgins, with Michael D. Higgins ahead by about 20 votes before the last count but we still had to transfer the votes from David Norris. Michael D got half the votes from David Norris and he won.

My favourite part was the polling station which was actually the school library. It was fun!

Jonathan Bell

On Friday the 21st the school did a vote to see which of the presidential candidates is the most popular in Scoil Mhuire. First we went over to the library and we got a sheet from Ms. Morgan and we could do it by putting down numbers in order of our favourite from 1 to 7 or you could just put an x in the box from just one candidate.

After we went back to class and we got to count the votes. Mr. Roche put us at different tables. Me and Johnny were together and we counted the votes for Martin McGuinness but Michael D Higgins won. He had the most votes. I think he will win. Vote for Michael D. Higgins!

Alex Zajac

3 comments on “Scoil Mhuire’s Presidential Election

  1. go michael d. higgins i voted for him.

  2. so did i but shhhhh !!! its a secret

  3. kingsley on said:

    aoife its not a secret everybody in the school mite know now