12th Feb 2011

There was great excitement in the school hall on Friday 4th of February as 14 groups and individual performers readied themselves to perform in front of the whole school. Scoil Mhuire’s Talent Show was back!

Of course that wasn’t the beginning for our performers. They had all been through a preliminary round, where they had been up against 60 other performers. That was whittled down to our 14 finalists who were quite the diverse group.┬áThere were singers, dancers, musicians and comedians and this presented a major challenge to our judges!

In the end, after long and difficult, deliberations 3rd prize was awarded jointly to:

  • The Hobos (Eoin Gormley, Ryan Fowler, Oisin Flood, Peter McNamara), who had put on a music/dance/comedy routine, rewriting the words of the song ‘Billionaire’ into a new compostition called ‘Facial Hair’.
  • Darragh Croake and Jordan Harnett were also jointly awareded 3rd prize for their dance routine, which combined the tune of ‘Countdown’ with some modern mixes.

2nd prize was awarded to:

  • John Courtney, for his brilliant run through of some of the best guitar solos of the last 60 years. John taught himself how to play the guitar and put on a fantastic display.

And first prize was awarded to:

  • Lee O’Reilly, for his brilliant piano playing and singing. Lee began with a beautiful piano instrumental before effortlessly flowing into Elton John’s classic ‘Your Song’. It was an outstanding performance that had children, teachers and parents in tears.

A special thanks must be given to the organisers – Ms Morgan and her class and Mr. Hannan’s class.

The judges: Ms Reilly, Ms Murphy, Sophie Eccles, Cara Smith & Amy Cassidy for what was an incredibly difficult job.

The Assistants (who also judged the preliminaries): Louise Day, Mimi & Jennifer – who helped set up the hall and ensured that the show ran smoothly and to Mr. Ellis who directed the running of the afternoon.

Thanks also to Marie and to our newest teacher Ms Reilly of 3rd Class who took the photos below.

2 comments on “Scoil Mhuire Talent Show

  1. I had tons of fun practising with Lydia for our song and we’re really grateful to our friend Chloe who helped us practise and who choreographed practically our whole routine.

  2. lydia nolan on said:

    i had sooo much fun at the talent show i had sooo much fun with hazel and like i thought every one was good and like even though some people did not win i thought every one was a winner thanks for the fun