23rd Apr 2013

Next week, April 29th – May 3rd is ACTIVE SCHOOLS WEEK. At Scoil Mhuire there will be a range of activities going on. Here is a sample:
• Students are invited to wear their tracksuits every day. Teachers will also be wearing their sporting attire!
Walking monitors
– we will be encouraging as many as possible to walk to school. Or at least part of the way. Maybe park at Tesco and walk from there. There will be prizes up for grabs for the classes with the highest percentage of walkers. Our Walking Monitors will be keeping an eye!
Wake up Shake up in the mornings to wake up all the sleepy heads so make sure you are in school on time!
WASSA WASSA workshop
Hip hop workshop
Walk/ Run a Mile with a Smile
– Students from 3rd – 6th will participate in a run each morning
Healthy Lunchbox Challenge

8 comments on “Scoil Mhuire is getting active

  1. kings on said:


  2. Abby Shiels on said:

    ABBY SHIELS LOVES HIP HOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OH YEH!!!!!!!!!

  3. Michelle Foley on said:

    Could the run/walk be open to classes below 3rd class?

  4. jessica on said:

    i just heard that kids from 1st to 3 rd class get to do hip hop and kids from 3 rd get to do the morning run

  5. jessica on said:

    i can’t believe 6 th class gets to do an “African Dance”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Abby Shiels on said:

    OH so the students from 3rd too 6th dont do hip hop

  7. Sophie on said:

    It’s tomorrow I can’t wait 😀

  8. Breno on said:

    It was sooooooooo fun. 🙂