17th Nov 2014

Science week!

During science week we did a series of science things such as a science quiz. Mr. Roche asked lots of questions about science, everyone did really well and every team got at least got 30 out of 48. Two winners were picked,  they got the same score.  We ran a workshop where little kids came in and we showed them cool things to do with science and forces, I did electric circuits but there were many other groups like a group did a bit on gravity, friction and magnetism the sixth class also did it. I did electric circuits so I couldn’t explain it to the young kids but I did explain it to first class up. We had a light bulb, a spinning pin and a fan that would work if they made the circuit right. Another group did sinking and floating. They used different items such as a ball, a car and a wooden brick.  Depending if it had air in it or not it would float or sink. The Junior infants were really surprised to see the wooden brick float. It was really fun, also a lady from the rediscovery centre came in and told us about electricity and how it works.  The rediscovery centre is a place where people give in things they don’t want so the rediscovery centre can make something different out of it. When the lady from the rediscovery centre came we also did a workshop where we made electrical circuits and at the end we got to make our own circuits. Conor Cooper in my class brought in a microscope and all of our class got to use it and see how it works. Science week was really fun and I can’t wait until the next one!

By Diarmuid.       Ms Reilly 5th class