The Rainbows programme will be returning to Scoil Mhuire in October. This programme involves 12 weekly after-school support meetings for children who have experienced a significant family change.

When something significant happens in a family, the entire family is affected. Even though death, divorce or other loss issues appear to be only grown-up problems, they have a profound effect on children who are touched by such experiences. If a family member dies, divorce happens or a painful loss occurs, not only do the parents grieve, the children do also. Children may find it extremely difficult to verbalise their feelings of grief because of their age and inexperience.

We have some trained adult volunteers (Staff members and Parents) who are willing to help these children put their feelings into words, work through their grief, build a stronger sense of self-esteem, and begin to accept what has taken place in their family.

If your child has experienced the death of a loved family member, friend or sibling, or is struggling through a painful experience, or separation this will be an opportunity for him/her to share with someone on the outside what is happening on the inside.

If you would like your child to participate in the Rainbows programme please take an application form from the Rainbows box outside Kerri’s office. This form can be returned to Ms Gilmartin (Room 16) or Ms de Róiste (Room 23). This programme is free of charge.

The Rainbows programme in Scoil Mhuire is best suited to children in 1st – 6th classes. Sessions will take place 2.30pm-3.30pm on Wednesday/Thursday.  Rainbows is not suitable for children who have experienced very recent change or bereavement. The programme coordinator will contact you to confirm that your child has/has not secured a place on this year’s programme.