10th Jan 2021
  1. Set up the device in a quiet space with no distractions in the background
  2. Join the class with your microphone muted
  3. Raise your hand before speaking, just like you would do in class
  4. Kind and respectful words to be used at all times – while speaking on camera and if your teacher allows you to use the chatbox. (If this rule is persistently broken the teacher, after consultation with the principal and parents/guardians of the child in question, reserves the right to not invite a child to a future Zoom session) 
  5. Speak in your normal speaking voice. No shouting.
  6. Listen to others when they are speaking.
  7. We acknowledge that some children may be uncomfortable using this technology. Please contact the class teacher if this is the case.
  8. If a child does not join a session, it is not acceptable that another member of the household takes their place – be that a parent or another sibling – this may make the other children at the Zoom session feel uncomfortable.
  9. For child protection purposes a parent / guardian must be available in the room where the device is set up – this adult does not have to be in the camera frame.
  10. However, if a small group is meeting, and for whatever reason, due to ‘no-shows’, there may be only one child attending, then we insist on having the parent/guardian being visible at all times.  
  11. Consent for using Zoom is assumed once the parent/guardian logs onto the session having received an email from the teacher.
  12. For every Zoom session a new meeting ID and password will be generated and this will be emailed by the teacher from his/her school email address to the parent/guardian’s email address which we have on Aladdin. 
  13. It is not permissible for any participant to record or take a screen grab picture of the Zoom session without the permission of all other participants and their parents/guardians.
  14. Parents, please adjust the settings on the device being used so that you / your child is easily identifiable when in the waiting room – teachers will not admit any waiting person whose identity they cannot verify.

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