11th Jan 2013

After reading New Year’s poems by John Clare, Alfred Tennyson, Richard Service and some children around their own age, Mr. Roche’s 6th class were tasked with writing some poems, based on the theme of New Years. Here is a selection of what they came up with. The poems will appear below in small thumbnail form, just click on the picture to see a larger version.

Back in November, Mr. Roche’s 6th class read and learned the poem ‘Mid-Term Break’ by Irish poet Seamus Heaney. They were then asked to write their own poems around the theme of death. Here is a selection from the class:


As he lay in the bed with his eyes wide shut
With the moon shining upon the pride he had brought
Days of pain, sorrow and grief
Yet filled with happiness and belief
Untouched by those who sought to set him astray
He lived his life day by day
As midnight approached he passed away
Passed away into the world of dismay
A labyrinth of stars sealed away in the clouds
Travelling from the heavens to space abounds
The sounds of midnight echoed in the field
Which brought the imitating silence to a yield
The hooting of owls
The rustling of trees
The crying of a mother down on her knees
by Alex K

Into the World Above

30 years of happiness and grief
Of sanitation and sorrow
Whose heart is bound for me to borrow
This mind who helped me along the path
I wrath those who gave her hurt
My love, now digged in the dirt
But her sould will linger on.

Now I’m lying down, closing my eyes
Maybe one more peep at the huge world below
Remembering her smile
A lovely one.

She is still with me
Oh, now I’m free!
Oh Lizzie, my wife
How you’re with me
Forever and ever
Let us decease into the world beyond all imagination
by Haashim

Together Forever

Her death damaged me, part of me died with her
The cold news of her perish shook me like the train that hit her
If a few seconds later… her fate would hold differ
But she’s left me now, I’m no longer with her.

Maybe now she’s in a place of no suffer
Her soul unhurt, still strong like no other
The places she roamed, she’d make brighter and funner
With her kindness and strenght, the signs of a mother.

I could not bear without her, too much hurt was around me
My anger had scarred me, self-pity had bound me
At first the news didn’t even astound me
But it sank in and the world collapsed around me.

So as I stand on the cliff-face thinking of whether
I should end my own life, to go somewhere better
For me and my mother to be together
On the peaceful clouds of heaven forever…
by Rían