9th May 2013

The children of Mr. Roche & Ms Reilly’s 6th class went on a walk through Lucan Demesne as part of our Active Week activities. It also doubled as an Art lesson! The children all brought digital cameras with them and took photos of their surroundings. There were some truly stunning shots taken and they can be seen in the gallery below. More will be added as they are brought in.

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Carla’s reflection on the walk to the Lucan Demesne: On the 2nd of May Mr Roche’s and Miss Reilly’s classes went on a long walk to the demesne. It was during active week. The day before, our teacher said that we were going on a long walk to the demesne and to bring our cameras to take pictures of nature. When we arrived to school the day we were going on the walk it was a lovely sunny day and we all had our cameras with us. The teacher said to bring our lunch and a football. When we got to the demesne people started taking pictures, there was some really good pictures taken there. We walked right around the demesne and we saw some goats, well we think they were goats! We had a lovely day and I will be going to the demesne more often from now on.

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Splash! by Zofia

Splash! by Zofia