Ms Dillon’s first class had great fun making pancakes with Ms Ryan today for Pancake Tuesday! IMG_1161 (Small)

IMG_1188 (Small)

IMG_1186 (Small)

IMG_1185 (Small)

IMG_1174 (Small)

IMG_1160 (Small)

IMG_1187 (Small)

IMG_1162 (Small)

IMG_1182 (Small)

IMG_1173 (Small)

IMG_1177 (Small)

IMG_1172 (Small)

IMG_1167 (Small)

IMG_1166 (Small)

IMG_1169 (Small)

IMG_1165 (Small)

IMG_1176 (Small)

IMG_1168 (Small)

IMG_1175 (Small)

IMG_1158 (Small)

IMG_1164 (Small)

IMG_1170 (Small)

IMG_1179 (Small)

IMG_1163 (Small)

IMG_1184 (Small)

IMG_1181 (Small)

IMG_1178 (Small)

IMG_1171 (Small)

IMG_1157 (Small)

IMG_1156 (Small)

IMG_1155 (Small)

IMG_1189 (Small)

One comment on “Pancake Tuesday in first class

  1. wow id love to make pancakes in school!