Mr. Roche’s computer class have been busy exploring sound editing and creation programmes, Audacity and Garageband. Here are some of their musical masterpieces! These compositions were made using built-in music loops and on-screen keyboards. Some of the groups recorded their own vocals to go along with their track – others opted to keep theirs instrumental.

Some new tunes have just been added so make sure you check them out!

Φέτα Με Ψωμί -Feta Me Psomi

New! Unicorns in the Sky (And I Don’t Know Why)

Space Unicorn


New! Messi V Ronaldo

New! Rockin in the USA

Crap Rap!

New! Aisling’s Beats!

New! Danny’s Beat


New! Funk on the Road

Unicorn Dance

Rock N Rich

S N Best