27th Mar 2012

Last Friday a past pupil from Scoil Mhuire called Grace came in for a French class. We learned that “My name is” is “Je m’appelle”.
– Cormac

We got to order some food in French by saying “Je voudrais un croissant ou un pain de chocolat.”
– David

Grace brought in some French food. It was so nice that I wanted some more. I had some apple juice.
– Abbie

The best part of all was the French Restaurant. It was yum! We got un pain du chocolat and jus de pomme and des bonbons.
– Laura

Grace laid out loads of food and drink. Then we went up to get some but we had to say it in French. It was hard. It was the best Friday.
– Eoin K.

Last Friday Grace came in to our class to give us a French lesson. It was brilliant. We all pretended it was a French restaurant and we even ordered in French. I ordered a pain du chocolat. After that lesson I’d like to do French in Secondary school.
– Nessa

We tasted food from France like croissants and bonbons. If you want to say something about what you want just say “Je voudrais” and say what you want.
– Dylan

Last Friday our class learned some French. We even got to taste French food. We learned French words that we use every day like café, ballet, á la carte and lots more. I liked it.
– Aaron

On Friday we had a French restaurant. We had to order in French. I got a croissant.
– Robert

Grace taught us some French words like “Bonjour” and “Salut” are two ways of saying “Hello.” “Ca va?” is “How are you?” If someone asks you “Comment tu t’appelle?” that’s “What’s your name?” We got to eat some jellies which are bonbons in French.
– Mary