15th Nov 2012

Mr. Roche’s class have been busy making comics using Pixton.com.

You will probably only be able to see the first few frames, to read the next few frames you have to click and drag with your mouse.

Rian Porter’s “Chimp On A Blimp!”

Rian Porter

Jack Fleming’s “Tim is Dim”

Jack Fleming

Ishaan Rawat

Jonathan Bell’s “Teddy Can Do Things You Can’t!

Jonathan Bell

Aoife Woods

Sophie Mulcahy

Brent Bartley

Zofia Furmaniak

Lachlan Hill

Colin Keogh

Alex Zajac

Jack Butler’s “Hippy Adventure”

Jack Butler

Carla Delmar

Kingsley Okakpu

Dylan Knowles



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  1. jessica on said:

    nice stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!