Mr. Kirwan’s fifth class group have had a busy November so far and that is set to continue. Between making our dream bedrooms in Art, learning about Thanksgiving in History and in turn producing “Thanksgiving” raps lots of fun was had. You can listen to the 6 raps created by different groups in the class below.


Below are the bedrooms each child created over the last two weeks using shoe boxes, crepe paper, match boxes, tin foil and fabric and fibre. Some of the children definitely have a future in interior design!!

Edward using tinfoil to make his cool bedroom.


Laoibhse thinking out her next step.


Niamh, James and Chloe gluing their carpets and wallpaper.



Paul, Kevin, Ella, Faye, Katie and Titas working hard at the “Galway” table



Fionn, Sissie, Zoe, Sara, Lee and Athena using a variety of fabric and fibre to design their rooms.


Holly, Jamie, Clodagh and Alex taking a well deserved break from creating their dream rooms.


Katy, Sam C, Anna, Sam Mc and Leanne putting the finishing touches to their fabulous creations.


Here are the children with their finished models. Great work everyone!!!

IMG_0696 IMG_0697 IMG_0699 IMG_0700 IMG_0701 IMG_0704