The Day that Níall de Búrca came to Scoil Mhuire

On the 25 of May last, we were listening to all the laughs of the junior infants but we could most definitely hear Mr Ellis laughing! At 11.15am we were walking into Mr. Roche’s classroom full of excitement and anticipation. When Níall de Burca started telling his fantastic stories we were soon bursting with laughter. Even the way he said his name made us all crack up! We were laughing so hard that all our faces turned purple. He told us two amazing stories. They were both hilarious and thrilling. We were on the edge of our seats wondering what he was going to say next. I don’t think we could say which of the stories was better, “Níall’s Story of Creation” or “Fionn Mac Cumhaill and the Banshee” because they were both so mind-blowing. None of us has ever seen a funnier man in our lives. Our class would particularly like to say how much we enjoyed his performance and that we hope to experience him again before we leave Scoil Mhuire.

A collaborative piece of writing from Ms Bennett’s and Ms Stenson’s 4th Class.

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