This week in school we learned about George Fredric Handel.  He was a musician in London. A King asked him to compose some music for him for a war that had ended in Europe and he made music to go with the fireworks to celebrate.  It was called Music for the Royal Fireworks.

We painted bonfires for Hallowe’en.  We also learned about Graham Knuttel.  His father was from Germany, his mother was from England and Graham grew up in Ireland.  We looked at his paintings of Cats.  We painted our own.

It was Maths Week.  We went on a Maths Trail and we played Maths Shoot out.

We listened to a book called A Bad Case of the Stripes by David Shannon.  We made projects about this book.  We really liked the book.

By Aakash Karlekar and Paul Sherlock.

5 comments on “2nd class blog by Aakash and Paul

  1. I really enjoyed learning about George Frederic Handel and had lot’s of fun painting the bonfires and the cats. I am looking forward to next weeks blog:)

  2. I remember When I was i 2nd Class when I did that……

  3. I agree with Sam,Because we all had fun that day.
    I love CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. anna capcarrere on said:

    Anna thought this week was the most interesting week she has had in school so far.
    the painting was the best part.

  5. i remember doing the cats. there so cool