1st May 2013

IMG_0666 (Small)IMG_0667 (Small)IMG_0665 (Small)On Wednesday May 1st, to celebrate the beginning of the month of Our Lady, Miss Bennett’s 3rd class took a stroll to the Marian Shrine in Dodsboro. The shrine was built in 1954 to celebrate the Marian Year declared by Pope Pius xii. The shrine is now 59 years old. While on our visit to the shrine, we met a local man called Mr Paddy Clerkin. He told us that he paints the railings every year. He also told us that the stonework for the shrine was constructed by Mr Dinny Byrne of Dodsboro. Another interesting piece of information that Mr Clerkin shared with us was that last year some people¬†wanted to have flats built near the statue which would have involved moving the statue of Mary. However the local people, with the help of Minister Frances Fitzgerald prevented this from happening. At 7.30pm every day during the month of May you can go to the shrine and pray the Rosary.