This week is Maths Week.  Some boys and girls from sixth class came to our room today to help us complete a Maths Trail.  We had great fun.  We had to find the answers to Maths questions inside and outside our classroom.  We counted how many windows and doors are in our room.  We looked for shapes in the corridors.  We counted how many steps we go down on the stairs when we go to yard.

We are also making a “Book of Colours” for Maths Week.  Have a look at our photos.


2014-09-15 08.46.29 (Small) 2014-09-15 08.46.57 (Small) 2014-09-15 08.47.31 (Small) 2014-09-15 09.01.20 (Small) 2014-09-15 09.01.30 (Small) 2014-09-15 09.04.01 (Small) 2014-09-15 09.06.28 (Small) 2014-09-15 09.07.30 (Small) 2014-09-15 09.07.59 (Small) 2014-09-15 09.10.25 (Small) 2014-09-15 09.13.34 (Small) 2014-09-15 09.22.16 (Small)