21st Oct 2012

This week was Maths Week in Scoil Mhuire. Children from every class could be seen out measuring the length of benches, working out the surface area of our round tables and putting the fun back into Maths! In 6th class we had a range of activities during the week.

On Monday the theme was ‘Number’ and Mr. Roche’s class logged on to Manga High.com and tried some Maths games and activities that Mr. Roche had set for them.

On Tuesday the theme was ‘Measures’ so Mr. Roche & Ms Reilly’s classes engaged in some measure competition! There were three events in our measurelympics – the long bean bag throw, the long jump and the bucket throw. For the long bean bag throw 8 competitors from each class had to throw their bean bag as far as they could and measure the lenght of their throw (under supervision from their opponents!). Ishaan Rawat from Mr. Roche’s class threw the bean bag the furthest with a throw of 28m 14cm. Mr. Roche’s class won this competition overall too with a combined throwing distance of 136.98m to 122.65m for Ms Reilly’s class.

In the long jump competition Alex Zajac from Mr. Roche’s class jumped the longest distance. He was the only child to jump over 3m, reaching 3m 35cm. Despite this magnificent leap Ms Reilly’s class won the event with a combined class jumping distance of 17m 65cm from their 7 competitiors as opposed to 15m 95cm for Mr. Roche’s class. It was one event all.

The final event was another throwing event. This time buckets were placed at strategic distances from our 7 competitiors. One bucket was 2m away, another was 3m away and another was 4m away. Competitors got 100 points for landing in the first bucket, 200 for landing in the second and 300 for landing in the third. Each competitor had three bean bags. Danesi Momoh was the only child to score a ‘300’ but still Ms Reilly’s class ran out victors by 600 points to 500. Ms Reilly’s won the day by two events to one.

On Wednesday the theme was ‘Time’ and the classes tried out some calendar activities and a game of ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ with just time-based questions.

On Thursday the theme was ‘Shape & Space’. The children tried the ancient art of Tangrams. They were challenged to make two different ducks and a boat out of a variety of shapes. After that the children were challenged to make a square out of four different shapes and then make a square out of five other shapes.

On Friday, the two 6th classes came together to do battle again! This time there was a tables challenge between the two classes. Once again Ms Reilly’s class came out winners 32 to 21 with Sean Conroy the best individual performer with a score of 11!!! After that the two classes joined forces and broke into mixed teams to have a Maths quiz as devised by Mr. Ellis.



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