24th Oct 2014

Maths week was last week in our school. We did a lot of Maths activities over the week. On Monday we did ‘Tangrams’. This is where you┬ámove 2-D shapes around to try to fit them together to make a picture. On Tuesday we logged into our Manga High accounts and played some really fun Maths games about lines and angles. On Wednesday we listened to some pop stars singing Maths songs. On Thursday we did a Maths Olympics with Ms Reilly’s 5th class. We had a longest throw, longest jump and a ‘points’ throw competition. For the longest throw we had to throw a beanbag and someone had to measure how far it was thrown. Umer from Mr. Roche’s class won this after a throw off with Luke C. Both had thrown their first beanbag over 21 meters. Umer threw his throw-off beanbag over 25 meters!

In the longest jump event Evan C from Mr. Roche’s class won it. In the points throw competition you were given beanbags and had to thrown them into baskets to gain points. There were a number of people on 10 points but after a throw off Caitlin from Ms Reilly’s class won the event.

On Friday all the classes from 3rd to 6th came to the hall for a Maths quiz. During the week we also did our Problem of the Day and our Maths Challenge! It was a great week!