i before e except after c (ei or ie?)


  1. It is my belief that John could be excellent but he has no patience.
  2. When I received the receipt you could not believe my relief.
  3. I did not perceive my niece would be so conceited.
  4. The chief of police knew that the thief tried to conceal the device.
  5. Exceptions to i before e except after c rule. Neil and Sheila heard weird noises coming from the weir before they were seized.




  1. Cad atá ag teastáil uait don dhinnéar?
  2. Tá sicín rósta ag teastáil uaim.
  3. Táim stiúgtha leis an ocras. (I’m starving!)
  4. An bhfuil an stéig dóite? (burnt?)
  5. Níl, tá sé tharr barr. Tá sé an-bhlasta.( No, it’s excellent. It’s very tasty)
  6. Táim lán go béal! (I’m full!)