18th Jun 2012

Susanna Grimes was expecting twins in late 1991;they were supposed to arrive just before Christmas .
On 13th of October at 31 weeks of her pregnancy , Susanna was rushed into hospital she had 2 bundles of joy coming into the world. She had them weighing just 4lbs and 5 lbs . The boys went to St.Marys B.N.S. they were 5 years old when they started .When the boys stared to attend school in Dublin city ,they began to get a taste for the limelight. Both John and Edward were tired of sitting around and dreaming of becoming famous-they wanted to make their dreams come true.
The boys set about making their own online MySpace page and finding out where film premieres and other posh events were taking place around town so that they could head along.
In 2009, John and Edward Grimes entered the X Factor in the UK, where they came 6th, losing to Joe McElderry and Olly Murs.
They were coached by Louis Walsh.
They performed all over Ireland in lots of concerts and then Eurovision came up. When Jedward were picked for the Eurovision, they sang a great song called “Lipstick”.
Sadly they came 8th, losing to Azerbaijan.
Then they got picked a second time. This time they sang “Waterline”. They came 19th, losing to Sweden-so unlucky!
On the 5th June 2012 they carried the Olympic Torch.
They have many more great things to do.
By Sarah Cramp and Aoibheann Higgins
4th class

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