1st Feb 2019

Today, Friday, we had our January assemblies. We talked about St Brigid, and at the Junior Assembly the children from infants to 2nd said a lovely prayer to St Brigid. At the Senior Assembly the boys and girls from 3rd to 6th class were reminded about school rules regarding the uniform (in particular to wear black shoes with their uniform), make up, nail varnish and mobile phones. They were also reminded to wear a helmet and hi viz vest if they were cycling to school.

Junior Class of the Month, Ms Kennedy’s 1st Class
Senior Class of the Month, Ms Geary’s 6th Class
Pupils of the Month from 3rd to 6th class, with their certificates.

Here are some photos from the assemblies – you can see Class of the Month for the Senior Assembly, Ms Geary’s 6th class, all of the children from 3rd to 6th who received their certificates for being awarded Pupil of the Month, and the Class of the Month for the Junior Assembly, Ms Kennedy’s 1st class.