The girls football league came to a close this week with Banter being crowned inaugural Internal Football League Champions! Banter were the only team to win 3 of their 4 games and were crowned champions when Man U Fries suffered a heavy defeat to Squad Banter. The league was an incredibly close affair with many matches being decided by just one goal.

The boys league will end next week. Tuesday may well prove to the decisive day when the unbeaten Warriors take on the only team with a 100% record, Rainbow Hugs. The other teams may well still have a say in what happens if they can knock these two teams of their perch next week. Stay tuned!

Results from this week:

Rainbow Hugs 9-4 Randomers
Man U Fries 3-2 Lully Utd
Bayern Costa 6-5 Alpha Team
Banter 3-1 No Namers
Warriors 6-1 Deez Nuts Utd
Squad Banter 4-1 Man U Fries



Next week’s fixtures are as follows:

Monday 14th: Alcalasinca -v- Rainbow Hugs
Monday 14th: Deez Nuts -v- Alpha Team

Tuesday 15th: Randomers -v- Alcalasinca
Tuesday 15th: Rainbow Hugs -v- Warriors

Wednesday 16th: Bayern Costa -v- Alcalasinca
Wednesday 16th: Deez Nuts -v- Randomers

Thursday 17th: Bayern Costa -v- Warriors
Thursday 17th: Alpha Team -v- Rainbow Hugs