Another week and another glut of goals, tight games and a bit of a shock in the girls league! It’s still very tight at the top in both leagues and it will be interesting to see if any team can pull away this week.

The results from last week’s matches are as follows:

Banter 4-3 Man U Fries
Rainbow Hugs 5-0 Bayern Costa
The Randomers 8-5 Alpha Team (Alpha had only 3 players!)
No Namers 2-1 Lully Utd
Warriors 4-3 Alcalasinca
Squad Banter 5-2 Banter
Deez Nuts Utd 5-3 Bayern Costa



The fixtures for this week are as follows:

Tue 8th: Man U Fries -v- Lully Utd
Tue 8th: Rainbow Hugs -v- Randomers

Wed 9th: Alpha Team -v- Bayern Costa
Wed 9th: Banter -v- No Namers

Thurs 10th: Warriors -v- Deez Nuts
Thurs 10th: Squad Banter -v- Man U Fries

Fri 11th: Alcalasinca -v- Rainbow Hugs
Fri 11th: Deez Nuts -v- Alpha Team