26th Nov 2015

Four more matches were played this week with a total of 24 goals scored! Today’s (Thursday’s) matches had to be rescheduled for Monday as there was a workshop going on in one of the classes over lunchtime. It’s still very tight at the top in both the girls and boys league. So far in either league no team has won their opening two matches!

The results from this week are as follows:

The Warriors 9-3 Alpha Team
Man U Fries 3-2 No Namers
Ancalasinca 2-2 Deez Nuts
Squad Banter 1-2 Lully Utd



The fixtures for following two weeks are:


Mon 30 Nov (rescheduled): Rainbow Hugs -v- Bayern Costa; Banter -v- Man U Fries

Tues 1 Dec: Randomers -v- Alpha Team; No Namers -v- Lully Utd

Weds 2 Dec: Warriors -v- Alcalasinca; Squad Banter -v- Banter

Thurs 3 Dec: Man U Fries -v- Lully Utd; Deez Nuts -v- Bayern Costa