The Indoor Football League has gotten off to a flying start with some superb goals, tight contests and wonderful football! The results of the first week’s games and the current table positions are below and the fixtures for Week 2 are here also:

The Randomers 3-3 The Warriors

No Namers 2-2 Squad Banter

Alpha Team 3-6 Alcalasinca

Deez Nuts Utd 1-2 Rainbow Hugs

Lully Utd 1-3 Banter

Bayern Costa 3-3 The Randomers

boys1 girls1

The fixtures for following two weeks are:

Tuesday 24 Nov: No Namers -v- Man U Fries; Warriors -v- Alpha Team

Weds 25 Nov: Ancalasinca -v- Deez Nuts Utd; Squad Banter -v- Lully Utd

Thurs 26 Nov: Rainbow Hugs -v- Bayern Costa; Banter -v- Man U Fries

Tues 1 Dec: Randomers -v- Alpha Team; No Namers -v- Lully Utd

Weds 2 Dec: Warriors -v- Alcalasinca; Squad Banter -v- Banter

Thurs 3 Dec: Man U Fries -v- Lully Utd; Deez Nuts -v- Bayern Costa