Next week an indoor football league is starting for the boys and girls in 5th and 6th class. There will be matches at lunch time every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the old hall. There are 7 boys teams in total and 5 girls. Each squad has either 6 or 7 children but the games are 5 a side. This means that subs will “roll on and roll off” every two minutes during the game. It is the responsibility of each team captain to make sure that every player spends roughly the same amount of time on the pitch.

The boys team are as follows:

The Randomers: Sami (c), Eoin H, Eoghan D, Niall, Alex P, Paul S

The Warriors: Evan W (c), Evan C, Abdul, James F, Sam C, Michael

Alpha Team: Anthony (c), Daniel, Ben, Fionn, Diarmuid, Daniel K

Ancalasinca: Benji (c), Charile B, Cian B, Gareth, Aryan, Dylan, Adam M

Deez Nuts Utd: Reece (c), Joey, Conor C, Adam D, Tommy, Edward, Lorcan

Rainbow Hugs: Toby (c), Luke C, Tomas, Nathan, Jamie, Kevin, Sam M

Bayern Costa: Alex H (c), Umer, Gbenga, Titis, Alex O’T, Killian, Lee

The girls teams are as follows:

No Namers: Hannah O’R (c), Abigail D, Rosana, Christine, Zoe, Ashling

Squad Banter: Shannon (c), Ava F, Caitlyn, Freya, Laoibhse, Katie, Leanne S

Lully Utd: Maria (c), Kaytlyn, Roxana, Ana F, Sarah L, Niamh Mc

Banter: Ella F, Faye, Sara B, Cloe, Clodagh, Ella M

Man U Fries: Frances (c), Bevin, Hannah G, Niamh W, Meabh, Anna, Emma

The fixtures for the first two weeks are as follows:

Tuesday 17 Nov: Randomers -v- Warriors; No Namers -v- Squad Banter

Weds 18 Nov: Alpha Team -v- Ancalasinca; Deez Nuts Utd -v- Rainbow Hugs

Thurs 19 Nov: Lully Utd -v- Banter; Bayern Costa -v- Randomers

Tuesday 24 Nov: No Namers -v- Man U Fries; Warriors -v- Alpha Team

Weds 25 Nov: Ancalasinca -v- Deez Nuts Utd; Squad Banter -v- Lully Utd

Thurs 26 Nov: Rainbow Hugs -v- Bayern Costa; Banter -v- Man U Fries