The final round of matches in our boys’ Indoor Football League took place on Thursday. Earlier in the week The Warriors gained a critical win over Rainbow Hugs to put them top of the table by a single point over their opponents. The Randomers had already secured third place but were out of the running for the top spot. It was packed neared the foot of the table too with Alpha Team in bottom spot on three points. Bayern Costa and Deez Nuts were in the two spots ahead of them on four points each but with Deez Nuts Utd ahead on goal difference. Alcalasinca had pretty much secured fourth spot on 7 points.

Alpha Team 4-3 Rainbow Hugs

The first match was Rainbow Hugs against bottom team Alpha Team. Rainbow Hugs needed a draw minimum to keep their hopes alive while Alpha Team really needed a win to lift them from the foot of the table. It was a tense opening with Rainbow Hugs playing particularly nervously and it was Alpha Team who shot into the lead on the stroke of the midway point of the first half. They doubled their advantage before half time before Rainbow Hugs pulled one back. Alpha Team went two goals ahead again in the second half before some horrific defending saw them leak two goals in about 30 seconds. Rainbow Hugs looked to press their momentum but it was Alpha Team who scored the winner on the break with about 40 seconds remaining in the match to give them the win and lift them from the foot of the table. It also meant that The Warriors were champions without kicking a ball.

The Warriors 3-3 Bayern Costa

Although Rainbow Hugs loss in the previous game meant that they had already secured victory ‘The Warriors’ were determined to maintain their position as the only undefeated team in the league. Bayern Costa also had some pride to play for as they were sitting in last place after Alpha Team’s shock victory. Although the odds seemed pretty stacked in the Warriors favour, considering their masterful performances to date, it was Bayern Costa who did all the running in the opening stages. Alex Hickey scored the opener straight from his own kickout as the Warriors keeper was obviously still dreaming of the silverware! Everyone thought that this setback would kick start The Warriors but it was still Bayern Costa who dominated possession. Just after half time The Warriors managed to level matters with a penalty kick but Bayern broke quickly and restored their advantage with a lucky deflected goal. There was no luck about their third goal as a fine shot had given Bayern the match – or so they thought. With about 30 seconds to go The Warriors pounced on a kick-out error that went straight to Evan who hammered it home. The subsequent kick out went straight to the Warriors again and they managed to secure the draw at the death with another powerful strike from the goalkeeper’s error. The result lifted Bayern from the bottom spot and condemned Deez Nuts Utd to last place. The draw also cemented The Warriors undefeated streak and saw them finish the league with two points to spare.

The final league table is listed below and below that are the results of all the games from the boys and girls league from the start of the season.

boys6 girls4

Week 1:

The Randomers 3-3 The Warriors
No Namers 2-2 Squad Banter
Alpha Team 3-6 Alcalasinca
Deez Nuts Utd 1-2 Rainbow Hugs
Lully Utd 1-3 Banter
Bayern Costa 3-3 The Randomers

Week 2:

The Warriors 9-3 Alpha Team
Man U Fries 3-2 No Namers
Ancalasinca 2-2 Deez Nuts
Squad Banter 1-2 Lully Utd

Week 3:

Banter 4-3 Man U Fries
Rainbow Hugs 5-0 Bayern Costa
The Randomers 8-5 Alpha Team
No Namers 2-1 Lully Utd
Warriors 4-3 Alcalasinca
Squad Banter 5-2 Banter
Deez Nuts Utd 5-3 Bayern Costa

Week 4:

Rainbow Hugs 9-4 Randomers
Man U Fries 3-2 Lully Utd
Bayern Costa 6-5 Alpha Team
Banter 3-1 No Namers
Warriors 6-1 Deez Nuts Utd
Squad Banter 4-1 Man U Fries

Week 5:

Rainbow Hugs 3-0 Alcalasinca
Alpha Team 7-6 Deez Nuts
The Randomers 7-2 Alcalasinca
The Warriors 3-1 Rainbow Hugs
Alcalasinca 3-0 Bayern Costa
The Randomers 3-1 Deez Nuts

Rainbow Hugs 3-4 Alpha Team

The Warriors 3-3 Bayern Costa

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Evan W and Hannah O from 6th class for their help with taking the names of those interested, organising the teams and setting up the hall every day. They were terrific.