19th Dec 2012

On Monday we started performing the play in front of an audience. I was a wiseman. We were good because some people were only in. They were out sick for the practice. Eoghan

On Monday we performed our play for other classes. I was a sheep. Then it was the big day. We performed for our parents. I enjoyed it.

It was hard when it was the first time without the sheet but it went good. It was fun doing our play for other classes.

We did a play called Hosanna Rock. It was based on the story of Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem.

Hosanna Rock is a great play. I was a wiseman. The three wisemen brought the gifts.

We performed Hosanna Rock on the 12th of December. Everyone liked it. We had a great day.
Evan C.

I liked the play. Mrs Campbell gave us no homework! We were the first ever to do Hosanna Rock in Scoil Mhuire! I was happy.

My favourite song was Glory to God and all the angels got up on the bench and sang it. I was one of the angels.

In the play I was a narrator. Everything was great. I had the best time ever in my life!
Emma Louise

I was the host (presenter) of the play. One of the songs was called Hosanna Rock. It was great fun to perform.

Hosanna Rock was about when Jesus was born and how Mary and Joseph found a place to stay. I was Mary. It was very fun.

I was an innkeeper in the play. I had a solo. The play was fun. It was on the 12/12/12.
Evan W.

Yesterday on 12/12/12 it was our play. I was a narrator. I saw my mam. She took pictures. We were so excited.

I was a cow in the play. I liked my part. I was sick on the day of the play so I couldn’t be in it but I practiced.
Luke B.

We did a play called Hosanna Rock. It was on at 1.45 on 12.12.12. It was very fun. I was a narrator.

My mam and baby brother came to see my play. I sang a song with Luke C. and Gareth.

We practised for a few days. We got costumes. I was an angel. I was sick on the day but I saw some photos. They were very nice.

Hosanna Rock is a fun play to do. It is fun to be a narrator. My favourite song is “You are my Brother”.

Hosanna Rock is my favourite play I have ever done. I was an angel with Rosanna, Rayaan, Kym, Caoimhe and Shannon. It will always be a great memory.