11th Nov 2012

The day before we broke for the mid-term break, Mr. Roche’s 6th class had some Hallowe’en Fun! We tried our hand at a few Hallowe’en games. Bobbing for apples became bobbing for apples, homework passes and sweets. Dylan was the only one skilled or determined enough to come back up with a homework pass between his teeth!

We also tried out ‘taking a bite from the apple’ game, which brought a mix of successes, disappointments but much fun and laughing and finally we played a ‘bite the money’ from the apple game. I think Kingsley went home the richest after this event! Enjoy the photos below

4 comments on “Hallowe’en Fun!

  1. thumbs up! (thts me)

  2. and theres me again beside that pic dunking my head in 😉

  3. and me and kingsley hahahahaha i got the 2 euro kingsley

  4. sophie on said:

    mr.roche you better not put that last one of me in the slide show haha