Grandparents’ Day
On Thursday 30th of January 5th class had Grandparent’s Day. It was organised by the 5th class teachers, principal and our Chaplain Colette. Grandparents came into our school to see their grandchildren’s Art/Work/Projects/Class rooms etc.
We had a ceremony for the grandparents. Some kids read readings or prayers. I read a reading. It was a lovely little service. After the ceremony we gave our grandparents flowers. I gave my grandparents a narcissus. They loved it .Later on we all went back to our classrooms. We sang a song from Aladdin and we also sang the Dublin Saunter and they joined in with us. Before Grandparent’s Day we wrote poems for them and we read them out. I think they really enjoyed them. Then we played some games. We played cards and Scrabble it was great fun. Sadly the day was over and the grandparents had to go home and I went home too. We had a lovely day thank you.
Gráinne McGee Ms Ryan 5th class.

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grandparents day

On Thursday the 30th of January we had Grandparent’s Day. It was one of the happiest, most joyful and pleasant days of my life. First of all we went to a prayer service and we sat beside our grandparents. It was lovely. When it finished we presented our grandparents with flowers. I gave my nana a salmon coloured primrose. Then we headed off to the classroom. My nana was amazed with all the beautiful artwork outside the classroom. When we went into the classroom she sat in my seat and everyone played “A Whole New World” on the recorder. Then we sang “The Dublin Saunter” and everyone joined in. Earlier in the week we had written poems about our grandparents. So we read them out and presented them to our grandparents. Then I gave my nana a tour of my classroom. My nana was amazed with the “interactive white board”. My nana described it as a “computer on the wall”. She was also amazed with the lift. I hope the grandparents enjoyed the day, because I know I did.

Áine O’Brien

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In the morning we had a ceremony. Aaron read a prayer and Agata lit the candle. At the end of the ceremony the grandchildren picked a narcisis, or a primrose flower. When the ceremony was over, our grandparents came to our classroom and sat in our seats. We played, ”A Whole New World” on the recorder and sang it too. We read out our poems and then we played games. The grandparents who were playing SCRABBLE were greeted by a big WELCOME spelt on the tiles. Some grandparents laughed. Grandparents Day was great
Thomas McClelland

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On grandparents day we had great fun. Here’s how it went:.It was the 30th of January and when we went into class we quickly tidied up our desks and we got out the games and set them up. After that we went to the hall for the prayer service. When the service was over we all got flowers for our grandparents. Then our grandparents came to our class and we played our recorders. We played Aladdin A Whole New World and sang the Dublin Saunter. Our grandparents also joined in. We asked them a few questions such as: What was your school called? Then we got to read out our poems we wrote. When the visit was over, we got no homework!!! It was great fun. Near home time we got to watch the rest of Aladdin. It was a great day!

Ella Murtagh

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In the morning on Grandparents Day we set up games on each table for us to play with our grandparents. After that we went to a prayer service and said prayers. Our grandparents received primroses as a present. After a while the grandparents came into our classroom and did questions and answers. We played a song on the recorder ” A Whole New World ”. We sang Dublin Saunter. We played games with our grandparents. A few of my friends went home with their grandparents.We got no homework!
Ioana Porumb

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