14th Mar 2011

The boys and girls of Mrs Burns’ class were very lucky today.  They had a special visitor. Erris’ dad came in!  He is a detective.  He told the children all about his important job.  He brought lots of his equipment in to show the class.  The children even got to try some of it on!  He answered lots of the children’s questions.  He was very interesting and the children really enjoyed his visit.  Have a look at some of the photos.

6 comments on “Garda visit to 2nd class.

  1. Ella Murtagh on said:

    We had a fantastic day when Erris’s dad came in. He told us about his job.We learned about pepper spray, hand cuffs and the baton.

  2. Errris’s dad came into the school. He told us all about his job as a garda. I was very interested in what he said. It was one of the most interesting days of my life and when I grow up I want to be a policeman.

  3. Paul,Erris’ dad came to 2nd class to talk about his job. Paul works as a garda and a detective.He gave us his garda hat to try on,his handcuffs,his baton and showed us pepper spray.
    We all really enjoyed the day.
    Brendan Ruddy

  4. Agata Waszkiewicz on said:

    A few days ago Paul came to our school.He told us lots of things about his job.Paul is a garda.He showed us some things like the handcuffs.We realy enjoyed his visit to 2nd class.

  5. Aaron fitzpatrick on said:

    Wow!!! what a super day. Erris’ dad paid us a visit. He is a garda and a detective and he explained all about his job. He showed us the handcuffs, baton and allowed to try on the garda hat.Thank you so much!!!

    Aaron Fitzpatrick

  6. Robbie Fowler on said:

    The day Erris’ dad came to our classroom it was the most exciting day of the school year. He let me try on his gear. Everyone really enjoyed it. Thanks Erris’ dad Paul. I would love to be a police man when I grow up.