21st Sep 2016

Congratulations to all the winners in our All Ireland Football Final forecast competition. Six entrants had guessed that the match would be a draw with a cumulative score of 15 points each, but none of the six predicted the exact scoreline of Dublin 2-6, Mayo 0-15. These six were then put into a hat, and one winner was pulled out….Yvonne Scully, Jack Murphy’s grandmother. Jack looked like he had just won Sam Maguire himself!! Yvonne received the top prize of €150, and the other five runners up received €50. In the terms and conditions we said that we would give out six runners up prizes, so we the picked one more €50 winner from the 30 other entrants who had predicted a draw (but not the cumulative score of 15 points each)…….confused yet!!! We made a profit of €2,300 on the forecast. And a big thank you for the huge effort in bringing this amount of money. This will go towards to all sports related resources for the next year……bibs, balls, sliotars, medals and plaques for mini leagues etc.

John Egan

Below is the list of winners.

All Ireland Football Final Forecast Winners


Pupil Winner Winnings
Jack Murphy (4th, Ms Carthy)


Yvonne Scully €150
Ella Milton (3rd, Ms Madigan)


Noel Milton €50
Kevin & Killian Gormley (6th) Eoin Gormley €50
Sam, Katy & Tommy Kennedy ((3rd, 5th + 6th) Noel Kennedy €50
James Foley (6th, Ms Brady)


Damien Foley €50
Caoimhe & Sarah O’Connor (3rd + 4th) Liesel Reeves €50
John Patrick O’Connor (3rd)


Audrey Murtagh €50