23rd Sep 2013

All Ireland Forecast Competition-Results
First Prize Winners (Exact score Dublin 2-12; Mayo 1-14)
Name Sold By Prize
Charlotte Scott Blessing Nkosi (5th class) €100
Claire Luke Finnerty (6th class) €100

Runners Up (Correct cumulative score: Dublin 18 points; Mayo 17 points.)
Name Sold By Prize
Brendan Kelleher Bevin Kelleher (4th) €50
Andrew Duff Katelyn Clarke (2nd ) €50
Michael Lynch Seán Treanor (2nd ) €50
Tommy Thompson Faye Monaghan (3rd ) €50
Michael Divilly Sarah M Long Divilly(2nd) €50
Alan Monaghan Kaytlyn Monaghan(4th) €50
Danielle Wilson Crea Cullen (6th) €50
C Duffy Rory O Keefe(6th) €50
Mary Kane Adam McGarry(6th) €50

Sellers’ Prize(1 per class)
Name Class Prize
Akeisha Craig Ms Madigan (2nd) €25
Cian Doyle Mrs Campbell (2nd) €25
Kevin Gormley Ms Reilly (3rd) €25
Fionn Buckley Ms Ní Núnáin (3rd ) €25
Emily Kavanagh Ms Lowry (4th ) €25
Alex Hickey Ms Carroll (4th) €25
Seán Kavanagh Ms Ryan (5th ) €25
Eoin Kirwan Ms Bennett/Ms Mason (5th ) €25
Abby Shiels Mr Roche (6th ) €25
Thomas Kelly Ms Morgan (6th) €25

We had almost 1,400 entries for our forecast competition this year , but just to prove how difficult it is to get it right, only two people predicted the exact score
Dublin 2-12
Mayo 1-14
Nine others had the cumulative score correct (18 points to 17 in favour of Dublin) but even here there were 5 different combinations.
3-9 to 1-14
2-12 to 0-17
3-9 to 2-11
1-15 to 1-14.
1-15 to 2-11.
With two people sharing the first prize of €150, we decided to give them both €100.
Each of the runners-up receives €50.
The children who sold the winning forecast line receive a seller’s prize of €25
There is also a raffle in each class from 2nd to 6th from which one child in each class will win a prize of €25.
Thank you to everyone who took part in our forecast competition. A special word of thanks to the children who worked so hard to make it such a success.