9th Sep 2013

Once again we are running a forecast competition in conjunction with this year’s All Ireland Football Final which of course will be contested by Dublin and Mayo in Croke Park on Sunday September 22nd.
For only €2 you get a chance to predict what the score will be in the big match.
There will be a winner’s prize of €150 and six runners up prizes of €50.
There will also be a raffle in each class for children who bring back a forecast sheet (regardless of how many lines are filled).During this week (beginning 9th Sept), children from 2nd to 6th class will be given a forecast sheet to bring home. They have until Friday Sept 20th to return the sheets to school but of course they can bring them back at any time before then.
If parents do not want their child to sell lines, that’s fine.
If children only fill a few lines, that’s fine too.
Over the past number of years, we have raised a lot of money through our forecast competition.
After prizes have been given out, the money raised has been used to purchase basketball apparatus for the hall, medals and trophies for mini-leagues; it has been used to subsidise gear for school teams and it has funded a skipping programme and a gymnastics programme, both of which were delivered by fully qualified experts in their field.
This year we will provide another element to our PE programme, hopefully funded by the proceeds of our forecast competition.

How to Enter
Simply fill in, on the forecast sheet, what you think the score will be when Mayo and Dublin meet in the final.
Both teams have been putting up big scores but a final can take on a life of its own so you might be better having a look at the scores in the last 10 finals below to give you some sort of guideline.

2003 Tyrone 0–12 Armagh 0–9
2004 Kerry 1–20 Mayo 2–9
2005 Tyrone 1–16 Kerry 2-10
2006 Kerry 4–15 Mayo 3–5
2007 Kerry 3–13 Cork 1–9
2008 Tyrone 1–15 Kerry 0–14
2009 Kerry 0–16 Cork 1–9
2010 Cork 0–16 Down 0–15
2011 Dublin 1–12 Kerry 1–11
2012 Donegal 2–11 Mayo 0–13
2013 22 September Mayo vs. Dublin ???

For the mathematicians among you, the average total winning score has been 18.5 points.
The average losing score has been 13.4 points .

How to Win
(A) Predict the exact score
eg taking the 2012 final as an example, if you predicted that Donegal would score 2-11 and Mayo 0-13, you won or shared in the winning prize.

(B) If nobody manages to predict the exact score, prize goes to whoever predicts correct cumulative score
eg Anybody who predicted that Donegal would score a total of 17 points (1-14 0r 3-8 or 4-5 or 0-17) AND Mayo total 11 points (1-8 0r 2-5 etc)

If nobody manages to predict either A or B, prize will be shared by those who predicted that Donegal would win by 2 points
(eg 1-10 to 1-8 or 3-16 to 1-20 etc)

Don’t worry if that totally confuses you . Just have a go.