24th Mar 2014

The new “drop n go” or drive through system is working well. This is mainly down to your co-operation. However, the traffic flow would improve further if the following points were followed.

1.  Can cars avoid parking on the road close to the exit gates – this is causing congestion of cars trying to exit the school grounds.

2. At 1 or 2 minutes before 8.50am a rush seems to develop, so when you enter the school grounds it’s recommended that you use the first set down area, because when you turn the corner the two set down bays may be full, and if you are to wait on a spot  it can become backed up.

And from a safety point of view;

3. When you are exiting the school drive extremely slowly, and be conscious of children crossing at this exit.

4. Can all parents tell their children to use the pedestrian gates, and not the gates which cars enter and exit by.

5. Please remember that your child is not supervised in the yard until the teachers come out to collect the lines at 8.50am, so it’s not advisable for parents of children in the younger classes to use this system, and consequently leave their young child unattended in the yard.

If you have any suggestions that might improve the system further please let me know.

Thanks for reading this,

John Egan