A number of classes will be performing Christmas plays this year and we would be delighted if you can come along. Here is our schedule of plays over the Christmas period.

Thursday 11th Dec
11.00: Ms Lally (Snr Infants)
11.45: Ms Lowry (Snr Infants)
11.45: Ms Brady (1st Class)

Friday 12th Dec
11.30: Ms Walsh (1st Class)
1.45: Ms Campbell & Ms Ní Núnáin (3rd Class)

Monday 15th Dec
11.00: Ms Cummins (2nd Class)
12.00: Ms Ryan (6th Class)

Tuesday 16th Dec
10.45 Ms Burns (Jnr Infants)
11.30 Ms Madigan (Jnr Infants)
12.00 Ms Dillon (2nd Class)
1.40 Ms Bennett/Ms Carroll (4th Class)

Wednesday 17th Dec
11.00 Ms Morgan (6th Class)
11.45 Ms Reilly (5th Class)
1.40 Ms Gilmartin (4th Class)

Thursday 18th Dec
11.00: Mr Roche (5th Class)