14th Jan 2011

Ms Burns’ class had a great day in school today.  We had a Bring and Show Day.  We brought in lots of different interesting things.  Some of the things we brought in were: an euro coin collector, a build a bear, some old money, some of our favourite toys,  a book from Latvia, medals, some crystals, a painted egg from Romania, a container for holding milk from Somalia, and a  boomerang.

5 comments on “Bring and Show Day!

  1. Brendan Ruddy on said:

    On AWWW we found a story about Bring and show day.
    I brought some of my medals into school.
    My best friend Thomas brought a Euro coin collector book and everyone brought in other inetresting thing like Mohammed brought a Somalia container for cows. We had a great day.

  2. Sean Kavanagh on said:

    For bring and show I brought a camera with pictures of my cats. My friend Aaron had a neocube. We had lots of fun. Sean

  3. thomas mcclelland on said:

    On friday we had Bring and show day.I brought in a Euro coin collector book.
    My best friend Brendan brought in medals,and Grace brought in a crystal
    growing kit. Mohammed brought a milk container from Somalia.We all had a great day.

  4. Aaron Fitzpatrick on said:

    On bring and show day I brought in my neocube. It is a magnetic puzzle and you can make different designs and shapes…..My friend Sean brought in his red camera with pictures of his cats.. They were very nice….Brendan brought in his medal’s from G.A.A. Thomas brought in a Euro coin collector.
    We all had lots of fun. I like bring and show days

  5. I bought in shell from 2008 but they were broken. The other thing were interesting to.