Yesterday we had a great day in school. It was “Bring and Show” day. All the boys and girls in Ms Burns’ class brought in an item from home and told the class all about it. They also answered questions from their friends about the object.

I brought in a book that my granddad wrote about when he swam from Ireland to England underwater the whole way.
Laoibhse Bould.

I brought in a toy car that I got from Christmas. It was called Spinster. I showed the class some tricks I can do with it.
Anna Capcarrere.

I brought in a globe for Show and Tell day. I got it at the Science Liberty Centre in USA. It is very special to me because I got it the same day that India won the ICC World Cup.
Aakash Karlekar.

I brought a model of a Komodo Dragon from Malaysia. My cousin got one too. We got it in a place called Bali.
Ernest Chow.

I brought in my favourite teddy that I sleep with sometimes. Her 7 years old. Her name is Lily.
Zoe Jakab.

I brought in my pet rabbit. His name is Lolly. He is very fluffy. He likes eating a lot of food, especially coriander.
Katy Kennedy.

I brought it Jodsalz Salt from Germany. It helps people get more salt in their body. My mam got it in a salt mine when she was on a school tour in secondary school.
Charlie Byrne.

For Show and Tell I brought in a teddy that my mum had before me and it shows where she sewed the ear up. The teddy doesn’t have a name.
Alex Woodward.

I brought in a mask from Venice. My mother and father got it on their honeymoon.
Paul Sherlock.

I brought in a piece of the Berlin Wall because I had two pieces. I brought it in because it would be very interesting and it is also very famous.
Alex O Toole.

I brought in my favourite teddy. It is very special to me. I got it off Santa when I was 3. I slept with it until I was 7. Now I don’t really sleep with it anymore. His name is Ginger.
Eric Farrell.

I brought in my Boomerangs from Australia. My uncle got them for me. Boomerangs are used for hunting. I like them because in the summer I am going to go to the park and throw them and see if they come back to me.
Holly McGuinness.

I brought in my pet goldfish called Mr Bojangles. For my birthday I am going to get a Mrs Bojangles. He loves light and he loves kissing the walls of the tank.
Aisling Joyce.

I brought in a glass eyeball from Turkey. If you leave it in the sun, it will get gooey.
Niall Higgins.

I brought in Hot Wires for Show and Tell. It is an fm radio. There are over 100 experiments that you can make. The circuit moves all the power around. If you move something the wrong way around, nothing will come on.
Sam McGeown.

I brought my first ever teddy. Her name is Magic. My aunty and my cousins got it for me. It was born 26-11-04. It is a pink unicorn.
Faye Monaghan.

For Show and Tell, I brought in my first teddy. The man who designed my teddy was called John Rocca. He married a girl from Birr in Co. Offaly. My dad is from Co. Offaly. Timmy and Karen gave it to me. I don’t sleep with it because my mom says it’s too precious.
Kevin Gormley.

For Bring and Show day, I brought in boxing gloves. Sometimes I need them for my training in the village. I do mixed martial arts. It is on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Seán Farrell.

For Show and Tell I brought in a list of everyone in the class’ name with their origin and meaning. I found out that my mum’s name means dark and my name means bright.
Niamh McClelland.

On Bring and Show day, I brought in a teddy bear. My dad bought it for me in Australia when I was born. I have good dreams when I am sleeping with it.
Titas Dubinskas.















2 comments on “Bring and Show Day in second class

  1. Niamh McClelland on said:

    That day was FANTASTIC!!!
    It was fun going around seeing other people things they brought in for Show and Tell.
    The rabbit Lolly was Amazing!
    We had SOOOOOO much fun:)
    Everyones object was GREAT!
    I love teddys they brought in.
    They were SOOOOOOOO cute:)
    It was one of my favourite days ever!

  2. niall higgins on said:

    I liked bring & show day
    It was very fun :):):)